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Key Elements Covered:

  • An overview and step by step demonstration of the complete process from part and CNC job design through to setting up and machining on the CNC milling machine
  • Overview of CNC milling machine setup including Mach3 variables
  • Mach3 tour of common features
  • Job design (including text engraving and basic manufacturing processes such as drilling and pocket operations)
  • Overview of design software such as Vectric VCarve Pro 8, Aspire and ArtCAM
  • Post processor overview and GCODE production including VCarvePro 8 and Aspire
  • Machine setup and machining of the job


This is a ‘crash’ course aimed at beginners of CNC milling as well as users that require a refresh course. Typical clients range from home and hobby users through to CNC designers and operators from small business through to large corporations. The course comprises of a step by step demonstration of the complete process from job design using VCarve Pro or Aspire through to machining a job on one of our demo machines. The course can be tailored to meet our clients specific requirements.

We start with a general introduction to a CNC milling machine setup and a tour covering the most used features of Mach3. We then continue to look at how to setup a machining job from the initial stages of design (using VCarve Pro 8 or Aspire), Mach3 GCODE production (using VCarvePro 8, SheetCAM or other CAM software), generating and importing code into Mach3 and finally setting up CNC machine and machining the material to completion.

This course is a great way for a beginner to gain enough knowledge and experience to be able to start machining and begin independent production. Course time can also be used to setup a hobby/small CNC milling machine purchased from other suppliers. Many clients opt to bring along their own CNC milling machine built either by themselves or another manufacturer and where they are struggling to make work or calibrate.

The course is also useful to users that would like to experience using different software packages and discuss the suitability of each piece of software for their own needs. This may include a discussion and assistance with fixturing of the clients parts.

A half day option is available which is aimed at clients that would like to concentrate on a particular area such as job design, code production or the installation and setup of a specific part of Mach3 however a full day is recommended for clients wishing to cover the full course content.

Typical design and code production demonstrated in this course as standard includes text engraving, shapes and image engraving as well as basic manufacturing processes such as contour and pocket operations. More advanced consultancy is also available by request.

Example Itinerary

Course starts 9am
Overview of the process from job design to machining outlining the steps involved
Introduction to Mach3. A tour of the common features and screens. Tour of screens required to setup a Mach3 milling machine
Introduction to VCarve Pro 8 design and code generation. Demonstration text engraving followed by a demonstration of a contour and pocket operation
Break for lunch
Setting up a job for machining
Import of code into Mach3 and machining
More advanced features of Mach3
Course finishes 5pm


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